First up, There wil be no December kids social on the 2nd as originally planned. We are using the time as a staff to get ready for our first ever KIDS WINTER SHOWCASE on December 10th!!!

Many costumes have arrived! You may have seen some of them. We are set to have everything ready to bring home from classes next week. Please note you can not take the costumes home without paying in full. The balance remaining is 0-$10 per class with the exception of the Ballroom team. The front desk can take payment any time during business hours - we recommend calling in & confirming payment before class so your child can bring their costume home.

HAIR and MAKE UP: These two things not only help our little ones look like a unified group with their class, but also helps them get in the spirit and mindset of a performer. We would like the girls to have a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and light blush to compliment their faces. Hair is to be half up, half down for girls, boys should use hair gel or spray to have a neat and tidy hair style.